About Cam

Cam Awesome’s love for boxing did not come along at a young age like most athletes at the elite level, but rather as a way to get active and lose weight. Once he made his weight goal through boxing fitness, he decided to have his very first fight in 2006…and he won. In a short period of time, he rose to the top and became the number one Heavyweight boxer in the United States earning multiple medals and titles along the way. Cam fell just short of going to the 2012 London Olympic Games and after overcoming many obstacles, refocusing, and even becoming a plant-based vegan, he is concentrating now on the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, less than a year away.

Cam is the U.S. National Team Capitan and the Athlete Director on the USA Boxing Board of Directors. He is well respected by his peers, not only for his accolades in the boxing ring, but also for his positive personality that he instills upon others.

Cam is a stand-up comedian outside of the boxing world and has done dozens of stand-up shows all over the Midwest. While traveling for stand-up shows, Cam will frequently stop in local Middle and High School’s to share his journey and encourage students to stay active. Awesome is also very active in Kansas City’s local Big Brother Big Sister’s chapter and has his own “little brother”, KC, through the organization.


One thought on “About Cam

  1. Cam,

    Tim Strombel, ESPN Radio San Diego.
    I want to bring you on the show to share your story. Let me know if you are interested and we can set it up. Thanks man.

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