About Cam

I am Cam F Awesome, and I dream big.

I am currently the captain of the US National Boxing Team, a standup comedian, a motivational

speaker, a Big for Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, and much more.

I began boxing in 2005, due to weight struggles. After making my weight goal with boxing

fitness, I decided to have my first fight in 2006. Just a short 24 months later, I became the #1

boxer in the country after winning the 2008 USA National Championship. I earned multiple

national championships while working towards the 2012 Olympics, but fell short months before

the 2012 Olympic Games. Overcoming obstacles, in 2012, I made the decision eliminate meat

and animal byproducts from my diet and became a plant based vegan. I am back in competition,

motivated, reenergized, and refocused. I am powering ahead for the 2016 Olympic Games in


I am currently the #1 Super Heavyweight Boxer in the United States with aspirations of a 2016

Olympic Gold. In the last few years of finding myself, I have become much more than an elite

athlete. I became a Big Brother to my little, KT, who is 12 years old and a phenomenal

basketball player. I started performing standup comedy, and sharing my story with others as a

motivational speaker.

Intimidation Clothing

Intimidation Clothing


this is me before, during, after and such.

this is me before, during, after and such.

Read more about me here:












Article in the Spokane newspaper about me.

Article in the Spokane newspaper about me.

  1. Tim Strombel says:


    Tim Strombel, ESPN Radio San Diego.
    I want to bring you on the show to share your story. Let me know if you are interested and we can set it up. Thanks man.

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